February 21, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Another weekend! So nice to have a short week every once in a while. Today, I am dreaming about vacations I want to take this year. We're planning a trip home to Kentucky for certain, but we're also trying to pick between Greece or Turkey perhaps this year for our climbing trip. Just looking at pictures and flights is lifting my mood! Have you all seen this article about how vacations affect your happiness?  I know this is old stuff, but still think it is amazing that the actual act of planning a trip makes you happier than the trip itself! Too funny. We all should be vacation/wedding/party planners. That way we'd always be super happy because we'd always be planning happy things!

I'm also having fun looking through old trip photos, trying to decide what the next place I should post about for the Amazing Places series I post about from time to time. I've received a few e-mails from people asking about Fontainebleau, Prague, and Garmisch. The bike photo above is from Belgium, in a lovely teeny tiny town (the tiniest city in the world) called Durbuy. We were walking along the river under a bridge and there we found this rusty old bike turned into a planter. Isn't Europe just so lovely like that? Charming and romantic in such unlikely places. I turned the photo into an impresionist painting using ribbet. The original photo is actually below. So anyhow... if you readers out there have any places you'd like some information about such as photos, places to eat etc in Europe, let me know in the comments and I'll write up a bit if we've been there.

As always, here are some links from around the web I thought I'd share:

  • The pictures of this  flour-less chocolate cake have me drooling.
  • So inspired by this blogging team.
  • I need to try this with my hair sometime or this one.  Definetly in a rut right now and need to get my hair highlighted or cut or something! I am done with the bangs. Totally done with them and growing them out is proving to be quite a pain. 

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