August 28, 2013

A Weekend in the Mountains

Saturday was awesome. We got up early, swam, had a big breakfast, and then headed up to the Alpspitze in Garmisch, Germany by taking a huge bus style gondola up 8,622 feet. My mom HATES heights, but she did super great. In the pictures below here we are on this crazy awesome viewing platform that walks out 42 feet from the edge of the cliff over nothingness! Really freaky. Especially with the winds making the whole metal contraption wobble.
Finally a picture with my mom!!!

We hiked down the mountain pass watching all the para-gliders jump off the mountain. Pretty spectacular. Then tried feeding some cows and stopped to enjoy these great huge swings! The Germans make hikes so much fun. There were quite a few stations along this hike with things for kids/adults to check out and do.

We stopped for a break to let our kids climb. We went hiking with our friend from Garmisch and his two little girls (ages 2 and 5), and they all made it up this wall. Lily enjoyed just playing in the grass watching the others climb. Cooper had a complete meltdown when he had to share his helmet and received a bit of a scolding which lead to more embarrassment and crying. He had little sleep the night before which is always a precursor to a meltdown.

  After eating lunch with a beautiful view, we had to take a gondola back up to the Alpspitze to take the first gondola we rode back down. Next stop for the day, the Munich Olympic Stadium.

 We came to watch our friend Thomasina compete in a World Bouldering Competition and play with her daughter Cedar!
Conveniently, there was a Volksfest going on in the Arena area, and while we were waiting for Thomasina to compete, we were able to ride a few rides and eat dinner at the Volksfest.

Pretty fun way to spend  a day. Although, watching those girls compete sure made me want to climb, and made me want to get fit! I was standing next to so many of the competitors and they are much fitter in real life than they appear on TV or photos. Totally ripped. Inspired for sure.

Saturday night the rain started and it never stopped for a second all the way through Sunday night. It was okay though. We swam at the pool and headed to our favorite bakery in town for goodies, then off to climbing in a Regensburg gym on our way home. Missing the mountains already, but I do think living away from them actually enhances my appreciation for them when we return.

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