February 20, 2014

The Best Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Yesterday was my baby girl's birthday! She is two!! We celebrated at home, she in her tutu from my mom and butterfly wings.  I baked a pound cake with homemade whipped cream and berries on top. Yum. She knew just what to do this year with her candles and sang Happy Birthday with us. She blew them out and grabbed them to lick them right away. So cute.

As I mentioned Friday, for Valentine's Day we had my favorite dinner, chicken tikka masala. I once found a recipe on food.com, but over the years, I have changed/altered the recipe enough that I have my own version. I always make homemade naan that I cook in a skillet to go with the meal, and basmati rice. We also always try to have something green at the table each night, so I quickly added edamame and peppers. Not exactly Indian, but hey, they were green.

The only time consuming part is the naan really, and the marinade. I used to buy a Tandori Chicken spice that I'd use to make the marinade instead, but the stores here don't sell it, so I have been back to using the original marinade recipe I found years ago.

I'll have to learn to take pretty food pictures! This was with my iPhone, at night, on my scratched up IKEA cheap plates. But, you get the idea. Just imagine the creamy goodness. And if you haven't' ever had chicken tikka masala, you have NO idea what you are missing! Get yourself to an Indian restaurant this week to try it out or follow this recipe! I promise you will love it.

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