February 25, 2014

By Gone Valentines

Every year after Valentines, I am at a loss as to what to do with all the Valentines my kids accumulate.  Aidan & Ashley always want to keep every single one.  And in fact they do go back year to year and peruse their past Valentines, laughing & comparing.  Last year I had a brainstorm, make a Valentines Hollywood Box.  To back up just a little, a Hollywood Box is a term my mother-in-law, Penny, used & something she loved to make.  She loved gift wrapping in general.  We would always feel really special if we received a gift in a Hollywood Box!!!   

It is pretty simple, a birthday or Christmas present that comes in a wrapped box like in the movies, hence the name Hollywood.  The actress would just lift off the top of the box and immediately see the contents.  The top and bottom of the box where wrapped separately.  It's not hard but does require a little time & patience.  So, I took this concept and used it for Valentines.

It is a pretty simple process.  I found two old shoeboxes.  Cut a slit in the top of the box for the Valentines to slip through.  Then wrapped the box with the top open.  The tricky part in this one case is that I chose shoeboxes that had flap lids so that they would open & close like a treasure box.  Also, the tops would stay on during yearly storage.  I wrapped both boxes in plain red wrapping paper and let the kids decorate them with stickers.  You can be as creative with these as you want; stenciling, fancy scrapbooking paper, 3-D beads & buttons, ribbons, etc.  I really like the button idea myself.  But keep in mind that over the years these boxes do get a bit of kid-wear.  Most of the google eyes on our heart stickers are coming off. 

As far as the actual wrapping process for a flap-top shoebox, I measure the wrapping paper with the box closed and then cut extra on all sides.  I used double-sided tape to adhere the paper to the outside of the box and then cut enough extra paper to wrap it to the inside of the box and secure with regular tape.  Trim off any excess but leave enough paper inside the box to hold.  The double-sided tape isn't absolutely necessary but it does help the paper to stay put while you are trying to flap in the sides.  I fold the paper around the edges like you do went wrapping any gift box.  Good creases help.  Lastly, I carefully cut an X in the paper over the slot in the top with a knife, flapped that paper in and secured really well with tape. 

This year there was an added bonus.  Aidan's teacher wanted the students to decorate a box at home to bring in to school on Valentines.  So Viola, I removed the past Valentines, sent in his empty box and home he came with the box full.  During the year these boxes store easily in the top of their closets.  **One word to the wise, if someone is unfamiliar with a Hollywood Box, you may want to advise them of it before they start ripping the paper off and your hard work is gone.

Happy Crafting!

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