Hi! I'm Mandy. I am a budget analyst, climber, DIY addict and world traveler who was born in Germany and then moved to North Carolina, Hawaii, Georgia, Belgium, Michigan, and Kentucky as a child. After getting an MPA and working as an environmental technician (catching bats and snakes), my husband Frank and I got the travel bug and decided to find a job in Europe. So, here we are, a few moves later living in Bavaria Germany with our two awesome kiddos Cooper and Lillian.
I love getting reader e-mails or comments! Please feel free to contact me at mandy.byron at gmail.com and I will get back to you promptly.


Melissa Chambers is a mother of three, the twins Isaac and Ella, and their older brother Cole. All under six. She is taking a break from the research world to be a stay at home mother while her husband travels the world as a corporate pilot. She enjoys horseback riding, walks with the family's first "child" Phoenix, cooking, and yes, cleaning cleaning cleaning.You'll see posts from Missy usually in Decor, Motherhood, and Food.

Julie McDaniel was born & raised in Kentucky and currently calls  Lexington home. She moved around for 10 years while her husband was in the military but they kept saying 'we want to get back home'.  And so, they have finally "rooted" their home-tree back in their homeland. Julie stays busy taking care of her two beautiful kids, volunteering at both of the kids schools, and with Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts.  As a family, they spend as much of their spare time out of doors; hiking, camping, walking the local parks, exploring historical sites & gardening. Julie is our newest contributor, and you'll be seeing many DIY, Food, and Gardening posts from her in the future. 


  1. I love your blog, Mandy! Hope u r doing well!

  2. Just discovered your blog and read through them all! Brilliant, to quote a beer ad. There is nothing
    like children to bring you to crafting. I can remember making a "quiet book" with Jesse which would keep
    him content for hours. He and Colleen have a new little girl, Riley Quinn, born in April who will certainly
    enjoy the same book once i retrieve it from the attic. Hugs and kisses to all three of you.


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