February 12, 2013

Cooper's Angry Birds Birthday Party

When we asked Cooper what he wanted to do for his birthday this year as a theme, he said Angry Birds right away! Although we really try to limit his computer/TV/iPhone games time, he really enjoys playing Angry Birds when we let him and is really quite good at it!

I used this website for free Angry Bird Balloon templates that are great! I used them for the party bags as well. We hung them all over the living room and dining room.

When the guests arrived, we all sat down and had lunch together. We put out a sandwich bar, fruit salad, and chips. A perk of living over here in Germany are the bakeries! Frank grabbed these rolls/breads from a local bakery in the morning.

To make the party a little more fun for the kids, I decided it would be fund to make a story/scavenger hunt out of the whole party. When the kids arrived, they each picked an Angry Bird to be, and a power, and grabbed their masks. I made the masks out of foam sheets from the craft store and sewing elastic bands, and used hot glue to glue them on. The black foam leaves dye when we found out (see Lily's mouth below). 

The kids then ran around the house with my lead searching for their golden eggs. In each room, pigs were in our way and we had to destroy them. Here are the clues I made for the hunt. I hid one in a pig for each game we played.

The first clue lead us to the hallway where the kids had to squash the pigs with their feet or bottoms (no hands). This took a lot longer than I expected! We didn't blow the balloons up tight enough so they were NOT easy to pop. It was still a lot of fun for the kids. Clue 2 was in a balloon and lead us to the next game.

We played a version of Life Size Angry Birds! I didn't have too many boxes, but this was plenty for the kids. We threw angry bird balls at the pigs over and over and they really enjoyed this game. You can see it snowing outside. It snowed about 4 inches while guests were at the party.

Our next clue lead us back to the living room to open gifts (where another clue was hidden in a gift). Cooper was so excited!

After presents, the kids ate cupcakes. I made the cupcakes the night before using this Tutorial as best I could. I only did red birds and pigs though to simplify the process. The bellies and the eyes are marshmallows, the beaks are Starbursts, and the black eyes are sometimes chocolate chips (if they would stay on) and some are black icing. The little red thing on the top of the bird is from the tail of a Swedish fish. I didn't have jelly beans.

I had the kids grab their party bags and head back out into the hallway to find this big pig they all got to take turns beating. I made this pinata with Cooper and my mom painted on the face while I was at work. She added the cute spiral tail on back. Each kid was able to take a turn at hitting the pig 3 times before it cracked open fortunately.

A final clue in the pinata lead us down to the basement to finally find our golden eggs. I forget to take pictures of the golden eggs! I found cute Easter eggs that were large and metal at the dollar store, and we spray painted them gold and filled them with bubbles, and other goodies. The kids all stayed for another hour or so running around the house playing while we helped ourselves to seconds at the deli bar.

 Happy Birthday Cooper!


  1. Looks like he had a great bday.


  2. So cute Mandy!!! I think if you day job doesn't work out, you can do theme parties! Love all of the details! Happy valentines day and hugs from us here in Michigan-tell your parents we say hi too! Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I wish I could find a job doing parties. Wouldn't that be so fun! I'll tell my parents hello from you all :)

  3. So cute!! Lots of great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner :)

  4. Great ideas. I'm doing this for my sons party. Would you happen to have info for the clues for the scavenger hunt? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. For the scavenger hunt, I just added pictures I found on the internet of angry birds onto a word document, and then made up little clues for the kids to hide throughout the party in each room. If you want, I can send you the word document I used and you could adjust the locations you hide the clues if needed. Just e-mail me at mandy.byron at gmail.com


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