January 17, 2013

Amazing Places - 3

Uzes, France (Provence Area)

Are you all getting tired of the Amazing Places series? Should I mix it up? Leave me some comments if so.

For the third amazing place in the series, I'm going to France again. A gite called L'Oliveraie  This was an incredible gite we shared with my parents for Christmas and New Years a few years back near Uzes, in the Provence region of France I found through this website. We stayed for 10 days, and it was very reasonable considering the accommodations. Three full bedrooms, a swimming pool, ping pong table, fireplace, etc. They even decorated the place for us for Christmas. I would definitely return.

For you climbers out there, the gite is located next to some amazing winter crags, my favorite being Seynes. For you travel lovers out there, think amazing vineyards, roman ruins, famous landmarks galore, lavender fields, and everything else wonderful you hear about Provence. Some amazing cities nearby you shouldn't miss are Arles, Nimes, Avignon, and Orange just to name a few.

You can see the gite pool in the distance

The cozy living room


Frank climbing in Seynes in wintertime!

Don't you just love how they decorated this store in Uzes!

Amazing candy store in Uzes. Beautiful candied fruit!

"Sur La Pont D'Avignon"

Fresh Herbs at the market

900 Year Old Olive Tree at Pont Du Gard transplanted from Spain

Pont Du Gard

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  1. I adored that gite in Provence. Really, there is just this antique serenity about the area, and the forever color wash of lavender. Every day we had a selection of real suliano tablecloths to choose from. The fireplace worked perfectly. And it seems like we saw ancient ruins every day, not far from the gite. I loved all the different door handles and the colors of the shutters on the stone homes.


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