October 11, 2016

Noticing the Differences

Since moving, Cooper and Lily have noticed that funniest differences between Germany and the US that I wouldn't have even thought about. I love the way their minds work. Enjoy!

  • Shortly before flying to the states, we stayed at a cabin in the woods near an awesome ropes course. We did the ropes course with Cooper, which involved several super long zip lines that Cooper loved. As we were driving from our hotel to his grandparent's house he exclaimed super excitedly "Look mom!! All the houses in America have zip-lines running to them! You can ride a zip line to your house here!" (In Germany, the power lines are all buried underground). 
  • As we pass random people on the street or in stores, we get big smiles and "Hello, how are you". Cooper and Lily both asked me at different times "do you know him/her?"
  • Ice. Lily can't get enough of it. "Why do people like their drinks so cold here". I think she mostly is loving the ice maker on the fridge. (Ice was hard to come by in Europe). 
  • "Why is it so cold in every building in America? This must be the coldest place on earth," they said every time we walked into our hotel hallway.  
  • "Mom! I just saw the coolest bird! It was RED! Really, it was!" Cooper shouted as a cardinal flew by our window. Honestly, I don't remember any red birds in Germany so I can understand the surprise for them. 
  • "What is that smell! It is awful!", both were amazed at how awful skunks smell.  
  • "Mom! They have squirrels! Look, look, a squirrel!" 
  • After warning my kids about poison ivy, all ivy plants are poisonous. 
  • When getting ready to take a trip for fall break, I told the kids we're going on a little vacation. Cooper asked "to Majorca?" No, honey, close but not quite. To Tennessee. 

October 4, 2016

We've Moved!

Wow. It has been 8 months since I have even posted. I can't believe so much time has passed. I honestly miss blogging and having a way to look back at my kids growing up and our trips/crafts/and life in general. So, I've decided to start back up again.

A lot has happened in the last 8 months! Frank and I had to make the super tough decision of one of us quitting our jobs. I could only stay 5 years in Germany with my position, but Frank could stay indefinitely. After making lists of pros and cons and talking the issue to death, we decided Frank would quit and I'd keep my federal job and we'd return to Kentucky, close to home and family.

Frank resigned in June, we took a nice week long vacation in Mallorca, Spain then moved back to Kentucky in July.

We lived in the Residence Inn for 2 months while buying a house in Richmond, Ky, and now we've finally moved into our new house and are in the long process of unpacking. During that time the kids started at a new school, our cars were finally delivered, and our 17000 pounds of Household goods arrived, Fixing up the house and getting things in order is a never ending task, but we're still making time to get out and climb, visit family, and settle back into the American way of life.

It is such a lot of change! Kind of hard to take it all in. We're missing our friends and jobs and way of life back in Germany, but know we'll get into a routine and settle in here eventually. It all just takes time. Looking forward to capturing some of our life here as we settle back in.

January 22, 2016

Friday I'm in Love

Look who lost his first tooth! Shortly before his 7th birthday. That tooth started wiggling back in October, no joke! He lost it eating a sandwich in Austria this past weekend, and didn't want to eat anymore for fear of losing another tooth. Even cuter, he didn't want to put the tooth under a pillow for the tooth fairy. He wants to keep it forever instead. I'll have to do a post on our trip later this weekend when I have a chance to upload all the photos from Frank's phone. It was too cold and snowy to attempt using my Canon. We had a great time though skiing, sledding, climbing, and swimming.

This weekend we'll probably spend a lot of time cleaning up the house and putting away heaping piles of laundry. Plus some climbing and snuggling on the couch with a movie is in order. How about you all?

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December 4, 2015

Friday I'm in Love

Yes! It is Friday! What is everyone up to this weekend? We're planning on going to our local Christmas Market, climbing of course, and visiting old friends of ours. Plus, we have to squeeze in cleaning the house, groceries, some Christmas shopping and the vet. I do love the Christmas markets in Germany. Hoping to go to a few this month in our area.

Cooper and Lily have been making some Christmas cards with me and I just love Cooper's trees. So cute. Huge trunks because the pine trees here in Germany are almost all trunk!

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December 2, 2015

Home Brewed Kombucha

Hello everyone. I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now we're so close to Christmas! I normally have grand plans and get in the craft mode this time of year, but this fall, I've been really into reading some good books at night versus crafting. That's not to say I haven't been doing fun art projects with the kids. Last night we hung about ten snowflakes they created on our windows. And, I've found a new hobby (as if I needed another). Making kombucha!

I ordered this kit on Amazon, and started out with a ctirus orange kombucha. I'm waiting on my second batch of cranberry kombucha to finish the ferminting process and made another two batches yesterday. I'm thinking these will make great gifts for Christmas. It is really easy to make, and the ferminting process only takes 7-10 days. Unfortunately, it is super hard to find kombucha over here where we live, and I love it, so this is a hobby that I will keep up. If you love it as well, and consider brewing your own, this blog post does a great job in explaining the process.

Have any of you tried kombucha? Love it or hate it? What flavors are your favorite? I'd love some ideas.