November 20, 2014

Advent Calendar 2014

Last year, I tried buying small gifts (harmonicas, flutes, glow sticks, etc) and sweets to fill our Advent Calendar for the kids. Some were just too big to fit in the pockets of the felt tree and I felt like it was a little bit too much stuff they didn't really need. This year, I'll do a few sweets and small gifts, but the majority of fillers will be activities they pull out from the pockets. I've had so much fun thinking of activities for us to do!  Here is my list:

  • Shop for a Gift to give to charity. Donate a toy of our own to charity too.
  • Bake Cookies and Treats and bring them to our neighbors together
  • Make a gingerbread house together
  • Go cut a Christmas Tree together
  • Make Christmas Gifts and Cards for the grandparents
  • Have a hot cocoa party in the basement restaurant in our house with candles and music and a nicely set table.
  • Wear our pajamas and snuggle up on the floor together to watch a Christmas movie.
  • Wear our pajamas and read all our Christmas books together in a tent with cookies and milk.
  • Make Clay and Dough ornaments for our tree together
  • Attend a Christmas Market or two in the many awesome German towns nearby
  • Fill the kids shoes with goodies on Dec 6 from St. Nick.
  • Visit an orphanage or soup kitchen to serve a meal.
  • Walk through town together to see all the Christmas decorations.
I'll be writing them out on little scrolls of papers and draw pictures too so the kids can guess what we're doing. Then I just have to figure out which days to put each activity. 

How about you all? What activities do you have planned for the season? Do you do something similar for you advent calendar? Only 10 days left till December!


  1. I thought my post went through but I don't see it! That's a great Advent Calendar! Did you make it? All wonderful ideas too! Don't forget another fun idea is the green dyed cornflake wreath! Yum!

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    1. I wish I made that advent tree! That is a pottery barn photo. I bought mine, which looks the same, for 5 euros at DEPOT, the German crafty home goods store. I forgot about that wreath! With the red hots as berries! Yum is right. Smiling now thinking about our Christmas traditions.


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