November 14, 2014

Three years is too long

I know, I know... I disappeared for the last month! It all started with a terrible virus that left the whole family immobile for a week. Fever, aches, cough, and exhaustion that lead to an upper respiratory infection. Not fun. But, after the sickness (during for poor Frank and Lily), we took a 11.5 hour flight back home to Kentucky and stayed for two weeks. Let me tell you folks, three years away is much too long.

Though I failed majorly in the photo department, I did capture one great day at Evans Orchard the day after we arrived. The first time I ever met my niece and nephew (twins) Ella and Issac! And the first time Lily basically met everyone in the family other than those who have visited us in Germany. It was a pretty awesome trip. Packed in as much family time as possible, as well as some friend time and some climbing, but never enough. Oh, I miss my Old Kentucky Home already.

Lily adored Missy instantly. Later on in the trip, her reply to us asking what her favorite part of the day was "Missy".
This little man didn't know what to think of me all day long. His eyes tell the story. Who is this lady taking pictures of me!

These two, only three days apart in age, hit it off great!
Cooper and I made his sweatshirt using freezer paper as a stencil on a sick day before our trip.
Ella warmed up to me right away, and to Cooper below who helped her around on the hay.
Cutest baby pigs rooting around in the mud.
We thought this was the mama, but no, turned out to be the daddy getting his groove on with the water pail.
Missy and her sneaky smile. She grabbed a bunny out for us all to pet.


Can't believe we only have 2 weeks now until Thanksgiving and 6 weeks until Christmas! I'm planning on getting back into my blogging routine and have some fun crafts and ideas to post soon! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


  1. Love the pictures! I miss you all so much too!

  2. Was a wonderful day. Wish we could have had more of that very day! You are truly great w the camera. Miss you so much.


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