July 8, 2014

Parenting Tricks

Hello friends! What a wonderfully long weekend for the 4th. In Byron family style, we waited until the night before a long weekend to book a trip to Mallorca, Spain. Once again, we were not disappointed and I'll post pictures later this week when I have a chance to upload them from our phones and camera.

Lately, I've found myself using more and more of my parents parenting tricks, and so happy to have a few up my sleeve. Here are three of my favorites...

On every hike, my parents, especially my dad, would make the walk an adventure by flipping over rocks and logs to find salamanders. Everywhere we went, he'd point out and search hours with us for hermit crabs, salamanders, lizards, and more. It always made the hike or visit to the beach/lake so interesting and fun for my sisters and I. On this trip, I think Cooper spent 90% of his time at the beach on an adventure as Dr. Doolittle.

Second, my mom is the praising queen. She'd praise every good thing we did for each other, from helping tie shoes to sharing food. With Cooper, everything goes much smoother  if I can find a way to promote the positives I see with his interactions with Lily. From sharing to hugging and playing. These two can play beautifully at times (as you can see above) and I wish I could freeze those moments!

Third, counting and making races out of everything is a lifesaver! My mom used to count to see how long it would take for me to get my PJs on or grab something for her, and I couldn't resist the urge to race myself, or my sisters. Same with Cooper. I race him to the bath almost every night. Works like a charm.

How about you all? What tricks did your parents have that you remember?

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