July 2, 2014

Handprint Wreath

Here is a fun & easy activity to do with kids.  And it is a great way to preserve memories.  For some reason I have always loved handprints, especially my children's.  It seems like a beautiful, abstract way to preserve their youth aside from the obvious 1000+ pictures I've taken of them.  I hang the wreath on our backdoor window, which is in our kitchen for most of the summer.  Then move it to the inside of a kitchen cabinet to spend the rest of the year.  I think that has helped preserve it.  And I still get to enjoy it every time I open the cabinet to get a glass. 

You can use any color combination of construction paper or cardstock.  I made this wreath a couple of years ago just before the 4th of July.  I do think that a color coordinating patterned cardstock would be pretty!  I used handprints from both my kids and then layered them together, overlapping.  I also think it would be cool to do them in rounds, putting the larger handprint on the outside and then the smaller on the inside.  This would be especially cute to demonstrate the difference in size.  Be creative and enjoy the fun!

Handprint Wreath

Materials Needed:

4-6 sheets of construction or cardstock paper in 2-4 coordinating colors & patterns
craft glue
sharp scissors

1. Trace your child's hand on a study piece of paper.  Repeat for each child.  I use thick cardstock for this because it is your master copy that you are going to trace multiple times onto your cardstock.  This method is quicker for the kids, instead of having to repeatedly trace their hands.  Do it once and their done.

2. Trace your master handprint onto the cardstock several times.  You may need to repeat for more handprints once you lay out the wreath, depending on your desired size. 

3.  Lay out your handprints in an ordered fashion alternating colors and patterns.

4. Once you have the handprints all laid out as you want them, place a couple dots of craft glue where the handprints overlap.  Allow to dry then hang.  I use tape on the back of the wreath to hang mine in the window.

This is Aidan's hand today over the wreath.  Can you see how much bigger his hand is 3 years later?  Precious!

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