January 29, 2014

Sick Days

I gotta tell you, I love sick days. Not the fact that my kids are sick, but that I get to spend a normal workday at home with them. Well, when they are the type of sick that some Tylenol and rest can fix in one day. That type of sick.

Cooper woke up for three hours Tuesday night with aches and a fever, so I stayed home all day yesterday with both kids and soaked up every minute of it. We watched a movie, did some shopping for birthday supplies, hit up the bakery, made homemade brownies, played a few board games, took a big bubble bath, napped and read books, finger painted a dozen pictures, built sand pizzas and ice cream cones on a blanket in the living room, vacuumed and spray cleaned the tables in the living room (with help from my littles of course) and even had time to plant broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers in indoor planters. Much more exhausting and rewarding than a normal office day for me.

Yeah, I know, brush her hair! She just woke from a nap and has bed head in this picture.

Look, I can make my own colors mom!

Lately, especially since my sister was here, I'm trying to ask more feeling questions that you have to think about with Cooper. Instead of asking him what his favorite part of the day was, I ask him questions like what was the nicest thing you did today for someone. What made you feel happiest? When did you laugh a bunch? What was the hardest thing for you today? Makes for an interesting dinner conversation and tells us so much more than we knew about his day. A practice I need to adopt more with all my social interactions. Not sure why we get so stuck in the normal "how are you and how was your day" zone. Questions that just lead to "fine, good, and okay" versus stories and moments.  Habit I suppose.

So for you all out there, a challenge for your day today... Ask your husband or best friend or child today an out of the box type of question about their day, like when did they feel their proudest, what did they want to remember from that day and never forget, and what would they repeat if they could do it all over again. Something special other than how was your day...

If any of you have some other good questions you like to ask daily, I'd love to hear them! 

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