January 22, 2014

A weekend with my sister

 Hello everyone! Yes, it has been a very long time since I posted, the longest break I've taking in a while. I was in training all last week, and last minute, my sister Tiffany came and visited me for the weekend all the way from Minnesota. It was awesome to say the least! I so cherish my time with my family so, and only wish I could do this five more times this year with my other two sisters and my parents!

Lots of laughing ensued especially when Tiff showed us this hilarious British comedian Michael McIntyre. Apparently he is the highest grossing comedian in the world, so probably the rest of the world has heard of him, but I had not. So, what a fun evening we had watching his skits on kids and going to the dentist. I hadn't laughed out loud watching a show in a long time. And you must also watch this funny BBC skit about "apples" and "Blackberries" that is also British. Oh those Brits. Always the best humor. And Tiff picked up a lot of the lingo from staying with her good friends in England for a week and was cracking me up with her "Lovely" statements and "Brilliants" she'd say with the perfect imitation accent.

She'd never met my Lillian, and Cooper hadn't seen her since he was under two! Both were thrilled to have a guest in the house, and especially a fun sister who played and told them stories and cuddled like she knew them forever. She pulled them in the wagon, chased them at the park, made play-doh cut outs and read story upon story to Cooper's never ending questions. Realizing how much I miss my family being so far away from home. I realized it at Christmas as well, but having her here really set in the longing for family close by.

We had a girls day out in Regensburg shopping the town, dinner out, and then a night in a fancy schmancy hotel at the airport together before I hugged her goodbye at her terminal. Two very fast days of fun and catching up, sister chat and laughter. Missing you already.
And a bit of my New Years Resolution below... A portrait of my kids once a week for the entire year. Here is week 1 of Jan. I will have to catch up with posting the other weeks this month as well. Plus, I have a few projects I worked on this month I need to post on here as well.
Week 1 - Lillian enjoying the warm sun on a cold day.

Week 1 - Cooper and his gorgeous smile that melts me every time.
I love this wall in our city park. I'll have to set up a family picture here next. Also love this coat! My mom gave it to Lily for Christmas and Lily says Ho Ho Ho every time she wears it.

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