January 30, 2014

Snow Day

We finally had our first good snow day this winter. It has been a really mild winter for Germany to say the least, hovering in the upper 30s most days. So, we were all pretty excited to get out and play all Sunday this past weekend. Lots of white deep snow first thing in the morning. Cooper took Lily on her very first sled run, and that was her last one (see video below). She wanted nothing else to do with the snow other than eating it for two hours straight. Cooper was tireless sledding the hills over and over. Once we returned home, we spent two hours building an igloo. I should say, I spent 2 hours building an igloo. Cooper had more fun cutting/destroying than building. Hot cocoa and warm baths followed. The perfect snowy winter day.

So winter, you can go away now. I'm good. We've had our fun. Enjoyed the bundling, sledding, building and cocoa enough for the whole year. Spring, you can come now. Any day. We're ready.

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