July 12, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

No work today! Wohoo! My first furlough day. What blows my mind is that the Army has more than enough funding right now to cover operational costs, yet not enough to cover civilian pay?! Priorities are not straight.  If we were still living on only my salary back in Kentucky, this would hurt. Really hurt. But since we're both working, and have saved some reserves, this hit won't be too hard on us financially, so we are very fortunate. I am very thankful for this.  I am actually really looking forward to the extra time home with my kids this summer.

I can now put her hair in pigtails
This weekend my plan is stay here in Germany ;) No last minute trips. I'm recovering still from last weekend's lack of sleep. I've lost my voice and have a bit of a cold. However, there is a climbing competition in Erlangen that I am really interested in checking out. I'm not in bouldering shape by any means right now, but would love to see how fierce the competition is around here. But, if the sun is out, it is really hard for me to convince the family to go to a gym versus climbing outside all together.

Here are some links from around the web worth checking out:

These buttermilk berry muffins look delicious!

I'll be making these shorts for everybody!

I want to have asparagus Benedict for breakfast this weekend.

I love these pom pom balloons for a party.

Thinking about having a Fruit Ninja party like this on a hot summer day (if that ever comes again)

Check out these cute free printable place mats.

Yes ESPN, I would like quite a few of these bodies for sure.

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