July 11, 2013

Summertime Jumper

Since I've made Lily 4 dresses now, it is time to branch out and start making stuff for others! I can't seem to stray away from dresses, but plan on starting some shorts this weekend for Cooper. I found a tutorial for a Summertime Jumper on Prudent Baby that looked so cute and easy enough to try. Definitely my favorite dress I've made yet! This one is for my niece Ella who is 18 months old.

I made the straps WAY to long, so I folded them over and sewed the extra length down. The dress wasn't long enough seeming, so I added a layer to the bottom. Below is the back of the dress. I added bumble bee buttons, but might go back to normal buttons because these are so hard to get through the button holes I made. The straps can go straight or crisscrossed like this. The cute fabric is from www.fabricworm.com . I bought a whole bundle of 1 yard blue and pink fabrics that I love!

Lily testing out the fit

Crossing my fingers that it fits her! And time to get this and the Matilda Jane knock off pants in the mail before she outgrows them both.

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