March 5, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Bottle Caps

I've decided to start coming up with some weekly things to blog about on here, to get a little consistency in the blog going. Tuesdays will be the day I blog about a simple item you can transform into ten different things. First off, bottle caps. Something we have WAY too much of at our house, and I need a project to use them up, so this will help inspire me to actually do something with them. Which project would you start with?

1. Magnets

 2. Picture Frames

Source: Crafty Crafts
3.  Wall Art
Source: Man Made 
4. Jewelry
Source: Ink Blots by TRD
Source: Hungry Hippie

5. Tabletops
Source: My Art Projects

6. Flowers for Wreaths
Source: Craft
7. Ornaments
Source: One Artsy Mama
8. Backsplash
Source: Unknown, sorry....

9. Mosaics
Source: Pizza Professional with OCD
 10. Make Instruments
Source: Fun Family Crafts


  1. Fun list!
    I just wanted to say thank you for featuring my bottlecap necklace.

    - Tifany

  2. Oh, I also wanted to add a link to another set of bottlecap necklaces I created.
    You can find them in my post here:


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