March 5, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things....

This has been the cloudiest winter on record for Germany! But this weekend, and even today, the sun is shining and we are a much happier family. I really wouldn't mind winters here if the sun would just say hello a little more often.

I started thinking about all the simple things in life that make me happy, like the sun, and remembered when Frank and I made a list one night while camping in the Red River Gorge that had over 100 things. The list has a lot of the same things on it as back then, but now I have many more to add since having children. Each one makes me smile just thinking about them. Here are a few in no particular order:

1. Sunny days
2. Clean sheets
3. The cold side of the pillow on a hot night.
4. Shooting stars
5. Seedlings you planted actually producing
5.  Skinny Dipping
6. Climbing together as a family outside
7. Biking together
8. Tickling backs each night
9. Spontaneous I Love Yous
10. Uncontrollable giggles
11. Licking the spoons/bowl after baking
12. Hot bubble baths
13. Coloring by the fire
14. S'Mores by a campfire
15. Bear Hugs
16. Lightning bugs
17. A new toothbrush
18. Rainbows
19. Perfect skipping stones
20. Spooning
21. Amazing Sunsets or Sunrises
22. Singing around the piano or guitar with friends/family
23.  Breakfast in bed
24. A big storm where you lose the power for a short while and get to use candles
25. Warm freshly baked bread

What little simple things make you happy? Would love to hear some more from you all!

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