January 24, 2013

Amazing Places - 5

Today I'm posting some amazing tree houses that you can actually stay in! Oh I want to stay in one of these so bad! How fun! I have always wanted a tree house of my own, but we moved around so much as kids, the only place to build one was at our summer vacation spot in Leland, Michigan. Our efforts there only amounted to a few boards nailed onto the branches making a platform. Not exactly what I was always envisioning. These go beyond my wildest tree house dreams!

 I found all of these through Sawdays Canopy and Stars guide.  We have stayed in few B&Bs recommended on the website, and all of them have been wonderful. I am sure these would be to.

 Monbazillac Tree-house in Dordogne, France. A double room with a hot tub. Perfect.
 Hautefort Tree-house in Dordogne, France. Three rooms (and good for kids), but no hot tub. The property has a pool for warm weather though at least!

 Milandes Tree-house in Dordogne, France. Looks like we need to go to Dordogne since all my favorite treehouses on the Sawdays website are there...

 Although not a tree-house, this adorable chapel caught my eye as well, located in Shropshire, UK. How cozy.

How about you all? Any of you ever stayed in any neat places like these you can share?

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