January 25, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas

I can't help but want to make some creative valentines for Cooper to bring to his classmates. He is only 3 (almost 4), and I don't think they even celebrate the day in Germany! But here I am, looking at all these adorable ideas online in my favorite blogs and planning to make a few with him.

I remember as a kid, always bringing every classmate one of the classic tear out favorite cartoon characters of the year cheap paper valentines. Each kit would come with about 4 sayings. I would think so hard about who I would give each one, making sure none of the "love" ones went to the boys. Didn't want them to get the wrong impression! In third grade, I counted all the signed valentines out about 50 times, and couldn't figure out who in my class I was missing. I needed to have 24 for my class and I only had 23, but I was sure I wrote down each and every single person in my class. Duh! I finally realized as I lay awake worrying in bed the night before Valentine's Day the person I missed was myself. Funny how I can still remember that so clearly.

Anyhow, check these out. Aren't they wonderful?

The above valentines are Delia's at Delia Creates . I LOVE her blog. Check out this post as well. Don't those doughnuts look wonderful! I want to try to make these as well.

These cute valentines were made by Gabrielle Blair of the blog Design Mom that I have boasted about previously. Her inspiration came from the blog 24-7-365 and this is her photo below. 

These scratch off valentines look super easy to make and I think Cooper would enjoy making them with me, so I want to give these a try as well.  
 We're off to Garmisch for the weekend, where Cooper was born, for some relaxation, swimming, and sledding. Can't wait!

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