November 28, 2016

Lily's Pink Ombre Dresser

A few weeks ago, my parents brought us an antique dresser, dining room table, and wonderful doll house from a very good friend of the family. I was thrilled to say the least. I've been dreaming about fixing Lily's room up since we moved into our new house in September, and finally got started! I still have grand plans that I'll share later, but for now, here is the antique dresser in her room.

The dresser was originally dark walnut, with black metal pulls. I purchased white pulls on amazon, and use Valspar Pink Chalky Paint from Lowes for the drawers, and Annie Sloan White Chalk Paint for the rest. I was going for am Ombre look, but didn't want it to look to harsh, so I just mixed a little extra white into my pink paint each time I started on the next higher drawer.

 The keyholes had little metal circles that go over them that I think I will paint white and add back onto the dresser this weekend. Looks strange to see the holes now that I am posting these pictures.

The cute maple desk is missing a pull and I need to order new ones for it.  I'm considering painting it. What do you all think? Leave the desk natural or paint it to match the dresser?

In case you are wondering where I purchased some of the decor, the unicorn head, turquoise bird lamp, and heart shaped bulletin board are from Target. The paint color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Silver Peony.

I've used Chalk Paint a few times now over the years, and I have to say the Valspar Chalky Paint line has so many great colors to choose from, and cost less than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and went on a little easier. I had to paint two coats, but did not prime. I also had to use the wax sealer after letting the paint dry, and it seems like the paint will hold up well. Time will tell...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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