December 8, 2014

Simple Christmas Nutcracker Wall Art

Decorations are now complete for Christmas! We went out and cut down our very own beautiful Christmas tree on Saturday, hung the ornaments and put out all the decorations while dancing around to Christmas music. My house is so nice and cheery now. I love December. While finishing up the decorations, I really wanted to add some wall art to the mix and remembered an awesome photo I saw in a Lowes Creative Ideas pamphlet while visiting Kentucky last month. I decided I'd give the tutorial a whirl, but did it a little bit differently (quicker) than the instructions online. 
 To make the stencil, I printed the image on 11x17 paper and cut out with scissors. I used a hold punch for the belt and holes on the legs, but obviously did not do such a great job keeping a straight line.  I cut the stencil out three times on contact paper (for lining kitchen shelves). I spray painted three wooden thin pieces of wood I picked up at a store here for 3 euros with white spray paint and waited for them to dry. After a day, I stuck on the stencil contact paper and painters tape around the edge of the boards to make a frame. Then I spray painted over each entire board with apple red spray paint. Before the paint was completely dry, I peeled off the painters tape and contact paper. Voila! About 1 hour's worth of effort and $8 worth in supplies. I love my new Christmas art for the dining room!

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