April 3, 2014

Robot Lawn Mowers

 Seriously, had you ever seen or heard of robot lawn mowers before?! Maybe I am behind the times, but yesterday, after spending an awesome day at home with the kids visiting two parks, gardening together, and knocking out doctor visits, we saw these robot mowers all over the military housing area.  I was so excited and couldn't get over them! You can hardly hear a noise from them at all, and they keep on a perfect little path back and forth covering a lot of ground, heading back into their cute little homes to charge when finished. Lily learned to say robot, and loved them almost as much as she would a new animal, and kept asking me when we drove home, "where is robot mama"? Wouldn't this be awesome to have! So, I did a little research and found some prices for these gizmos. This specific Robomow is over $2000! Yikes. I could totally understand why large companies would purchase these though. Cuts down on manpower requirements. Looks like cheaper models can be found. Anyone have one of these? I have heard of the robot vacuum cleaners too and have a friend who has one of those.  Can't imagine the robots we'll have when Cooper and Lily are my age one day.

The Cute Robot Mower heading home for the night.
Robot Mower in action!
This is the face I get from Cooper when I say to say "cheese"....
Lily mesmerized by the cute robot mower in the distance.

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