April 1, 2014

Silhouette Door Sign Tutorial

Hi everyone! Here is another DIY from the Animal Themed birthday party for Ashley. A silhouette door sign!  You can choose any type of silhouette that fits your personality or decor, so be creative!  How about a bunny silhouette with a real fluffy tail for Easter? 

This project took me about 2 hours, not including the overnight drying time.  I used a white foam sheet as the backing to give the silhouette strength.  The foam also had eye appeal, as opposed to cardboard.  Even though it is the back side, the edges are still visible from the side.

Materials Needed:
  • Enlarged Silhouette  (I found a cat pattern by googling cat silhouette)
  • Patterned cardstock
  • Thick white foam sheet
  •  Foam glue
  • Sharp scissors
  • Small & large paintbrushes
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive alphabet letters


1. Enlarge your silhouette design to desired size.  Make sure that your silhouette will fit on the piece of foam.  I went to Kinko's to get the enlargement but it only ended up costing me $2.38.  Cut out the silhouette.

2. Glue the cardstock to the foam sheet.  Because my pattern was large, I had to use 2 sheets of cardstock and match up the design.  Keep this in mind when choosing your cardstock pattern, you may need to match pieces together.  I found the best way to glue the cardstock to the foam is to 'paint' the foam glue onto the back of the cardstock with a larger paintbrush.  Once the glue is painted on, start on one end of the cardstock and press it onto the foam.  Then work from that side pressing the cardstock into the foam until the entire sheet is down.  Carefully match up patterns if necessary.  Push out any air bubbles with your fingers.  Place a heavy book over the cardstock/foam and allow it to dry overnight.

3. Trace the silhouette in pencil onto the dry cardstock.

4. Carefully & slowly, cut out the design with sharp scissors.  If any paper rips, glue it back down by painting on a small bit of foam glue with a small paintbrush. 

5. To place the words evenly spaced, stick the very bottom edge of each letter to a ruler first (see pictures below).  Center the word on your silhouette and slightly press the top of the letters onto the paper.  Gently peel the letters off the ruler, holding each letter to the paper as you peel.  If you like the position, then firmly press the entire word onto the paper.
**If you leave the stickers loosely attached to the paper it is much easier to move them later if necessary.

6. Cut a ribbon the length needed to hang your sign on your door or wall.  To attach the ribbon, either punch small holes in two spots on the top of your silhouette or simply tape the ribbon to the back.

Hang your silhouette & enjoy!

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