April 28, 2014

Home Tour - Yellow and Blue Living Room

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great weekend? I'm sharing today with you a glimpse into my mom's house in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky. She is flying here today and arrives tomorrow! Can't wait!

Once we all left the house for college, she started buying nice furniture and fixing up the house (to include a kitchen and bathroom remodel). This is the second complete redo of the living room, and I love it! Such happy yellow walls! I'll have to ask her where she got the rug and furniture. The lampshades are from IKEA, but that is about all I know. Blues and yellows and green. Lovely. Can't wait to see it in person eventually.

 She still has to replace the curtains, but the room is almost complete!
That piano was my grandmas. It's a super old Steinway. Lots of memories of singing around that piano with family over the years. When my mom's family gets together, and my own, we always sing. Classic old fun songs like "Blue Moon" and "New York, New York" as well as all our musical favorites from classics like Les Mis. Hoping to encourage that with my kids, and plan on doing a bit of that this weekend when I'll have my mom here, her sister Ginger, and my cousin Sarah all in the house at one time! Can't wait!
 Lovin those striped chairs and the cute Spring mantel! The artwork is a Nell Revel Smith painting. She's an awesome impressionist painter from Lake Leelanau, where we have a summer cabin I've talked about here.

Peonies and peeps. Too cute.

So, thanks mom for a tour of your awesome new living room! I love it. Can't wait to see the updates to the den as well, and I'll share here again if you don't mind ;)

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