February 14, 2014

Friday I'm in Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Any romantic plans everyone? We don't do too much for this holiday, but we always like to fix our favorite meal and a good dessert and sit down for a movie together on Valentines. That's the date plan for tonight at least. On the menu? Chicken Tikka Masala. I'll have to share the recipe soon. With homemade Naan. Yum. I love Indian food. As for a movie, I want to rent "About Time", but we'll see if Frank can be persuaded. Anyone have some good recommendations? We are a bit behind the times over here with movies/TV shows. The last one I went to see at a theater was "Hunger Games" (the first one), and we don't have cable TV, so we just rent movies here and there from Amazon or iTunes.

Anyhow, also wanted to give a shout out to Julie McDaniel, my sister in law who is now going to help contribute articles to the blog! She shared a cake she made yesterday that looks fantastic! Thanks Julie and I am looking forward to your posts!

As always, some interesting web finds:
Enjoy your weekend everyone! 

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