November 12, 2013

Living in Germany - Wilderness Parks

Wild boars, reindeer, and rams, oh my! Just a few of the animals you can feed and touch on a trip to the Wildpark Hufeisen just 30 minutes from our house. I think I like going there more than the kids almost! The park has a 1.5km loop you walk through the woods and most of the animals are roaming freely (the boars and large elk are in confined areas). Sort of like a petting zoo, but much better and more exciting. Cooper and I had fun trying to feed as many deer from hand as possible. FYI - their favorite food is chestnuts or buckeyes! The wild boar prefer dry crusty bread remnants.

Apparently these wildparks are all over Germany. The entry fee is usually pretty cheap, this one is only 2 euros, and kids are free. The fee includes free food to hand out to the animals. So, if you are visiting Germany, check one out. Pretty much a perfect way to spend an afternoon outside.

This guy would make a nice Christmas card if he didn't have that huge tumor...

Just a bit too scared to be petted.

Papa getting his workout at the playground

Going in. Should I be concerned?

Cooper helped push her through :)

Cooper wanted me to come through too. Didn't happen.

Sleepy Boars.

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