November 8, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Double Rainbows always make me happy
It's almost time for the weekend! A long one for us with Veterans Day on Monday. Yeah! Feel like we have been non-stop busy. October was gorgeous with some crisp fall days and gorgeous leaves, but now that November is here, our days are so short and so cold already. Frosty mornings, brown mushy leaves, and rain  every day this month so far.  I never even got around to posting about Halloween and costumes I made or some other fun stuff I've been working on. Just not enough hours in the day. Hoping to catch up some this month and next as we approach all the holidays. I'm so ready to put out my Christmas decorations, but I suppose I will make myself wait until Thanksgiving...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here are some posts you might enjoy:

- For all you chocolate lovers out there, this post has some links to some recipes for truffles I can't wait to try.

- Might be making a few of these this year with the kids.

-  A nice summary about the good, bad, and the ugly of GMO foods.

- This interactive map of real time births and deaths gives me the chills.

- These Pot Stickers look so darn good.  Hope to make them this weekend.

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