November 22, 2013

Handmade Soap Stocking Stuffers

While browsing through last years Martha Stewart Christmas Living magazine, I came across DIY Pantry Soaps. Looked simple enough, so Cooper and I got to work a few weekends ago and made three types for stocking stuffers this year. I just finally got around to taking some pictures of them.

We made a batch of honey and oats soap, lavender, and peppermint. It only took about an hour total to make all three batches and they turned out perfectly! I was honestly surprised how easy and how good they turned out.

For the lavender, we went outside and pulled all the dried up seed/petals  from our lavender bushes out front, and they worked marvelously. We also added a few drops of essential oil to make the bars smell extra yummy. Cooper was creative and found a bottle we could use as a mold for our extra soap mixture (the circle shaped soap in the middle).

For the peppermint, we used peppermint essential oil and some red food coloring. Not so pleased with the food coloring... This soap leaves marks on the sink. Don't think I will be gifting this soap even though it does smell wonderful. Lesson learned.

Below is my favorite. Honey and Oats. We added some ginger and cinnamon and these are so divine. Don't they look edible?

If you are interested in making these, I ordered all natural glycerin soap base on You simply melt the base in the microwave, add your ingredients, then pour into molds. Voila! Wait a few hours and you have handmade soap!

And since it is Friday, maybe you can make a batch this weekend as well before the holiday craziness begins! What are your plans this weekend? Tonight I'm going to a German Spaztle cooking class and the whole family is planning on going to a bouldering competition tomorrow all day in Nuremberg. Can't wait. Intend on being fully exhausted and sore Sunday from thrashing around Saturday for six hours.

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