November 26, 2013

Bouldering Competition

The weekend came and went so fast! Saturday we had a blast at the Cafe Kraft Soulmoves bouldering competition. It was designed to be fun, with lots of interesting problems, and the prizes for those who placed in the top three were beers! Pretty funny. We were there with a bunch of friends which made it all the more fun.

In this video they made from the comp, you can see my fall off a problem I kept trying over and over at the end. I crumble to the floor laughing at myself for falling on the last move. Just too worn out from all the mantel problems!

Soulmoves Finale 2013 im Café Kraft from cafekraft on Vimeo.

Wish there were comps every month. Our friend Thomasina Pidgeon placed first sending just about every problem first try! So awesome! I placed 5th at the Soulmoves last month, then 7th in this one, which somehow gave me third place overall for the Soulmoves Competition. I was psyched! Feeling motivated to get in better shape and sign up for more of these types of events.

How about you all? Signed up for any Turkey Trot runs? I always feel like I perform better when there are lots of people. All the positive energy and competition gets me going :) 

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