August 12, 2013

The End of My Furlough Fridays

Oh no! Feeling pretty bummed. My furlough days are ending this Friday.  I was so looking forward to the rest of my Fridays home with the kids. I'll definitely have to make the most of my last one coming up this Friday.

This past Friday, our friend Thomasina and her daughter Cedar arrived and we went bouldering at a great gym in Regensburg all day. Cooper is in 7th heaven again with Cedar here. He'd been counting down the days, hours, seconds for her arrival. Saturday we headed to the gym again and then downtown for some shopping and dinner in old town Regensburg. Sunday we spent the day baking, crafting, playing at the park, and doing fun obstacle courses in the backyard. I love long weekends.

Last night as I was putting Cooper to bed he said, "Mom, I think I'm in love. (PAUSE). I don't think I like being in love." I asked him why not and he replied, "because it feels like I'm only dreaming." Oh this sweet boy.

Catching and releasing frogs at the park. 

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