August 8, 2013


My babes.

This week they have been spending a lot more time together than normal. Cooper is done with school until September, and now that Eric is gone, both kids have been going to a home day care together. On top of that, both kids came down with a fever bug on Tuesday, so I picked them up and got to spend two extra days with them this week at home. So nice. Not that they were sick, but that I got to be at home with them!

All this extra time together is making them better friends. I can see their relationship growing so much day to day. Not to say they don't fight mind you. My patience was tested a lot yesterday... but these kiddos are pretty darn great together.


In the morning, I put matching shorts I made for them on both to model for me. I used the pattern from MADE and it is awesome! So easy and versatile and the sizes are spot on. Anyhow, I digress. When Lily sat down on the step, she smacked her head pretty hard on the wall (something that happens about 5 times daily with this tough little one). Cooper isn't laughing at her, he was staging a cheesy smile for the camera (my iPhone).
 Without prompt, he quickly kissed her head to make her feel better. So sweet. Although, I think she just about swatted him away thinking he was coming to take her bottle (something else that happens about five times a day with some beloved object she's gripping).
They are handful these two, a handful of  laughter, cries, energy, messes, fun, love, and cuddles! Love these babes.
Mesmerized by iTunes Visualization maker during a Dance Party last night

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