August 23, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Well, not so in love with my Fridays now that my furlough days are over, but still excited for the weekend! I won a trip a few months ago to stay at this nice resort in Garmisch two nights, with a free BMW rental car, and we're finally getting around to using it. We're heading down at noon and hoping to get some hiking in and maybe some climbing with the kids.

Four and a half years ago, this was the view from my hospital window in Garmisch.
I was in the hospital meeting my Cooper for the very first time. Oh what special, wonderful, memories. Love at first sight. Well, I suppose it was love even way before I met him for the first time, but holding him finally made it all real.
I remember staring at those mountains, wondering if he would love the outdoors as much as we do, imagining these itty bitty hands and feet skiing and climbing and hiking around with us. In total disbelief that he was actually mine to love and take care of. What a crazy, beautiful thing motherhood is. Life really is beautiful.

Okay, since it is Friday, and I haven't done this in a while, here are some things you might enjoy!
  • Doesn't this camping food look so darn good?! Makes me want to build a campfire tonight!
  • I want to make a Memento Frame like this for Lily's room. 
  • I want to try and make myself a dress like this, but not sure I can do it yet!
  • I think I need to bust out my Annie Sloan Chalk paint again for some projects. I love that you can even paint lamp shades! 
and now friends.... The Mountains are Calling and I must Go! 

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