August 21, 2013

Foofoo is here!

Friday, I called my mom last minute and asked if she could come to visit and help with the kids. Monday, she was here! Unbelievable! She is good. Too good. Somehow she manages to come help all of us (four daughters) when we need her. We need her pretty constantly. All the grand-kids adore her, and rightly so. I haven't taken a single picture of her with them yet! Shame on me. But plan to take lots this week and weekend. Cooper was wild crazy all day Monday and Tuesday, showing her all of his pictures, toys, house, and hogging her to himself (understandable since we only see her twice a year). I wondered if Lily would remember her and she honestly did. She went right to her! Its been about 7 months and Lily at the time had just learned to walk. Hoping they take it easy on her this week. They really are a handful these two.

Frank with his hands full.

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