July 10, 2013

Power of Tower Part Two - Adding on a Swing Set

You might remember last fall we built the Power of Tower playhouse/climbing wall with a free slide my mom and I found on the side of the road? Well, we finally have added on a swing set! We still need to paint it with all weather paint/varnish and get proper swing attachments, but for now, the kids are loving it as is! Yeah, that is Cooper in the baby swing. He likes it better than the kid swing because he can spin super fast in it.

We used the plans from Ana White but had to modify the lengths etc to work with the metric sized free wood we got from our neighbor. It only took a few hours. Can't wait to add a cool double swing or bar with rings to it for Cooper.

You can see some of my garden plants in the first photo. The only thing we have been able to eat so far is the lettuce.... I saw a glimpse of one red tomato last night watering, and one red pepper almost ready to pick. Finally! I think maybe this year I'll start the plants inside in January.

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