September 18, 2012

Tower of Power Kids Playhouse

While mom and I were busy making pillows and painting furniture, Frank was  busy building an awesome fort for Cooper! We have been talking about doing this all summer. When we looked at prices for wood and a slide, we said forget it...They were about 400 euros just for the slide! Then, mom and I found this old slide on the side of the road during bulk item pick up day! Yes! It was perfect! Frank and I held it on top of the car and brought it home that night.

Frank isn't finished, but here is the fort so far. He is painting it green, adding side railings, and a roof eventually. Cooper loves it! Three climbing walls, and an area underneath where he can paint/draw and hide etc. We might even add an extension with a swing on it for next summer.

Our nice nieghbor across the street that owns a beer store (very convienent I must say) gave us the wood! He owns a packing/crate company. I need to have him over for dinner seriously. Wood is not cheap over here.

Now, if we can just figure out a way to build a climbing wall in our attic for winter. The nearest gyms are an hour away and winter is fast approaching. I hope we have 1 more month of fall at least. September has been perfect.

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