June 11, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Ties

Last night, while hanging out with my in-laws, we were talking about crafts and recipes and somehow got on the topic of ties. Frank probably has about 10 ties, but I think I have only ever seen him wear a tie four times in our 13 plus years together! We both have pretty laid back jobs where we don't have to dress up very often, thankfully. Which got me thinking, what kind transformations are out there for ties?  Here are a few great ideas  (click on the sources and find the tutorials for making these great upcycles).

1. Tie Snakes
Source: Allie Belle Designs
2. Tie Border Hemmed Pants
Source: Recycled, Repurposed, Renewed
3. Tie Skirt Tutorial
Source: Crystelle Boutique

4.  Make a Necktie Bag
Source: Rick Rack Ruby
5. Make an iPhone pouch with a necktie
Source: Bespangled Jewelry

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