January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Yesterday and New Years Eve, Frank and I made a list of goals for the New Year. We had quite a few categories. I wrote them all down so we have something to actually refer to throughout the year. I can barely remember what I said last year. I think one was to get back in shape after having Lily. Sort of there. Back to my old weight a long time ago, but my belly is an embarrassment I now prefer to hide.

This year, we made goals in a few categories:
Travel plans. We definitely plan to hit up some new cities/countries before we move back in a few years and made a list of must see cities (Rome, Greece, Berlin, UK, etc.).  As soon as Ryan Air comes to Nuremberg here this spring, that will help!

Budget plans. We have grand plans and made a nice excel sheet mapping out the next 2 years of financial spending/saving. Hope we can stick to it.

Health plans. Eat more green. Eat less processed. Eat less meat. Get outside as often as possible. Exercise more.

Environmental Plans. Become more environmentally friendly. Frank had me watch this video last night.

Watch it.

I am totally inspired to go back to my roots and blog more on upcycled/recyled stuff. I was an environmental major (Natural Resource Conservation and Management) with a Masters in Public Administration (focus Environmental Management), and after I graduated and left the environmental career I was in, headed straight to DOD working in logistics, human resources, plans, and now budget. You can say I have strayed... Time to get back on track and actually try to make this place better for my kids. I really worry about where we are headed. It is just getting so bad so fast it is unbelievable.

Blog Plans. More posts each month. Go green on the blog. Gain more followers. Grow!

Here is to a fabulous new year!

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