June 12, 2013

Nine Years

Today is our wedding anniversary! Nine years ago today we were married outside, up in Michigan near our family's summer cottage. It was absolutely perfect and I often think about if there were days I could repeat, June 12, 2004 would top the list.

Walking away from the crowd, I still remember him holding my hand and how giddy we were looking at our rings in disbelief.
I just smiled ear to ear looking through our wedding photos. I can't believe how young we looked. So in love, so happy and excited. We'd been together for five years, college sweethearts, clueless where life would take us. We thought it couldn't get much better than this.  Nine years later, here we are, living across the ocean with two amazing kids, still climbing and traveling as much as we can squeeze in. And it is better. Much better. Our love has definitely matured/endured through hard times, sad times and all the good times. A much hardier love with deep roots.

I love this man and look forward to many more of these to come.

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  1. Even more in love now than ever before! Happy Anniversary babe! Many more to come!


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