June 13, 2013

Trip to Spain

We just got back from Spain Saturday and oh what a wonderful vacation we had. As always, too short. We flew to Malaga via Ryan Air in just three hours, then drove 40 minutes south to the Marriott Resort Beach Vacation Resort very close to Marbella, Spain. It was beautiful and so perfect and very hard to leave the resort! There were no less than seven pools, three restaurants, and every amenity and game/activity you could want (from water polo to zumba to movies played outside at night). The beach was perfect, great for entertaining the kids with sea shell hunting, making castles, and chasing waves. We normally stay at a self catering house when we take these types of vacations, but we found such a good deal here, and the reviews on TripAdvisor were so good, we couldn't pass it up. I'm glad we didn't. Our apartment had a fully loaded kitchen and so we were able to make most of our meals. Here are pictures from the trip...

Cooper looking out from our apartment. You could actually see Africa and Gibraltar in the distance.
The life. Eating Pain Chocolat by the pool in a cabana.
Where we spent most of our time.
Lily and Dad pointing at Africa. She is always pointing these days and wants us to say whatever she is pointing at.
Beach head.
Showing me how strong he was. They actually were quite heavy because they were filled with water.
Jacuzzi Baths + Bubbles = Amazing Bathtub fun with the kids
Papa looking south towards Gibraltar at Sunset
 Frank and I always have to check out the local climbing every trip we take. We headed to Mijas to try out a steep cliff, but the approach freaked me out too much. It was a downward climb down re-bar with a very nasty looking drop off. Climbing = Fail. Hike + Views = Win!
The Costa Del Sol
Our views on our hike
A large rock quarry we passed on our hike
I just loved this flower. Blue and pink!

We also visited the old city part of Marbella. It was beautiful. Full of winding small roads lined with pretty tiles and cobbles and huge bushes and vines drooping down from balconies. Lots of tapas bars, restaurants, and boutiques selling lots of adorable kids clothes. I was so tempted to buy Cooper and Lily an outfit, but we had NO room in our carry-on unfortunately.

Note to self, bring double stroller next time.

I think it is impossible to get a family photo with ALL of us looking at the camera. 3/4. I'll take it.
Clapping for herself.
The elephant was a beach shower! So cute.
I had to make this black and white. Reminded me of a movie star photo with that gaze.
Lily and her papa
With my garden not flourishing as much as I'd like, I'm thinking about doing this to our walls ;)
Another day, we drove way up through the Sierra Del Nieve mountains on very windy roads to the city of Ronda. The GuadalevĂ­n River runs through the city, dividing it in two and carving out the steep, 100 plus meters deep El Tajo canyon upon which the city perches. Truly breathtaking and a bit scary walking around this city. The highlight was our horse and carriage ride through the old town.

They were playing harp and classical guitar all over the city, including this gazebo you see.
Bull Statue by the Bull Fighting Arena
He couldn't stop grinning the whole ride
Our trusty steed.
I thought for sure we'd scrape the building and was mid sentence in this picture. Aren't the hanging pots so charming?
We had plans to visit Morocco since it was only a short drive and ferry ride  away, and I was so excited at the prospect of going to Africa! However, with so much to do at our resort, the beach and the local cities were more than enough to entertain us.  I'm happy with what we did see and needed the lazy days at the resort with the kids, playing in the pools and sand. Ronda, Marbella, and the beaches there were really fantastic and I highly recommend visiting the Costa Del Sol if you're headed to southern Spain.

Just curious, when you all travel, do you tend to stay at hotel/resort areas for all the amenities, or do you prefer the self catering style?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I think Spain needs to go on our future travel list:-)


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