June 24, 2013

Just another manic Monday

Whoa! Weekends fly by so fast. And Mondays are so busy always! What a fun weekend! We went to our friend Kalle's house for a picnic all day Saturday and played a ton with the kids and cleaned up the house a wee bit. Sunday was a great climbing day. Cooper and Lily enjoyed taking huge swings from the rope, something I think he had forgotten about doing in Kentucky, and something Lily had never done. They LOVED it. Hoping one day both will love climbing as much as we do. Right now, Cooper mostly enjoys catching bugs and Lily is just content sitting in my lap. Here are some pictures from the weekend. 

Lily likes to come sit on anyone that is sitting, to include pets.

Kalle, our butcher friend has a farm and let Cooper drive his tractor. Doesn't get much better for a four year old.

This picture scares me. Frank hanging out in Kalle's butcher shop.

Poor Lily got a bee sting this weekend :(
We Tye Dyed two shirts, then Cooper wanted to paint with the dye.

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