June 28, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Glad this busy work week is over and the weekend is just about here! Unfortunately, the weather is terrible, again. High of 54 tomorrow. Seriously! Feels like fall/winter. I don't want to have to turn back on the heat, but I might have to. It is freezing! I saw my breath on the way to work in the morning. Yup. So, we've been trying to decide on a trip for the 4th of July to someplace warm. However, our van's brakes are completely kaput right now, so we can't drive it anywhere far until it gets fixed in a month. So, do we stay around here with the kids and see fireworks on post? Or try to squeeze in a flight to somewhere warm on a cheap airline. Nothing like last minute planning.

I looked back at what we did in past years for the 4th, and found trip pictures to Mallorca and Austria. Hmmm. Sure would like to visit one of these again.

 As for this weekend, plans are to go see the new Monsters Inc with Cooper! Yes, he has enough tokens from our positive reinforcement  ticket system to cash in! I'll have to provide an update on how that is going soon. It is working, but I'll have to make some tweaks. Also, hoping if it warms up enough Sunday to get outside climbing again with the kids and buy wood to make a swing-set addition onto our Tower or Power playhouse. Which leads me now to some awesome project ideas below.

- Have you ever checked out Ana White's blog?! Amazing. Free building plans for everything! There are the projects I want to do one day: Planning to do the swing-set first. Then the modern farmhouse dining room table.   And eventually this awesome fort bed.

- I'd love this rug for Cooper's room.

- I want to make a Tape Tree canvas like this.

- Might have to make some of these healthy chocolate whoppers for our movie date tomorrow.

- Loved this post Wise Beyond Their Years on things little ones say. Cooper is always amazing me with the things he says/thinks about. Just the other day Lily was jabbering away. We were praising her for all the words she is saying, and Cooper said "Dad, she doesn't even speak human". Funny boy.

Bye bye! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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