May 24, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Hello everyone! Aren't you glad we have a three day weekend ahead?! I am. Plus, we have Frank's parents coming TOMORROW! Meaning, I must vacuum, dust, mop, scrub toilets, and clean sheets TONIGHT! I hate to do it too early in the week since our house gets dirty so darn fast.

I had grand plans for the weekend of things to do with them, but the weather has taken a nose dive and it is so so cold and wet. Literally feels like winter is back. Crapola. Not sure what we'll do. Brave the weather and still get outside or find some fun new city to check out with them. Jet lag is such a killer though, we'll take it easy on them tomorrow and the next day. I like to always prepare a real German meal when guests come, as a welcome to Deutschland! Lately, my coworker has been pre ordering me awesome fresh baked bread from a local bakery that uses all organic foods and the loafs are round, warm, and sooooo delicious. They look like the round loaves out of Robin Hood (do you remember that part when Kevin Costner gets a big round loaf)? That image always comes to mind for some reason. I'll have to post a picture.

Below is a picture of Cooper and I shopping at the Farmers Market in Weiden. He just got scolded by the man selling the herbs because he was feeling the tops of all of them. I was telling him it was okay, the man was just worried it would kill his plants and then he proceeded with no less than five "whys"... Love this boy. This morning as I was running out the door to work he gave me a card he made at school with a song he sings to me, to keep me happy at work. So dear.

Here Lily is super excited to be playing in her sand box as Cooper literally cuts Eric's hair! Eric is our new live in super nanny (and long time friend). He's staying with us for the summer, standing in as Lily's babysitter, our climbing third (essential with kids), cook, handyman, and everything else. He takes off today for a euro trip. I still can't believe he let Cooper cut his hair. Speaking of, I got a hair cut last night. I'm still in the shock phase I think... Not sure how I feel about it. Have I gone back to the 80s! I haven't had bangs since I was 10 or 12 I think. And wow, I really do have a lazy eye. One is always so much bigger looking than the other!

So, I'm done rambling, and time to share some fun links for you all to check out:

With Eric being a vegan health nut, I'm really interested in trying out some awesome recipes I keep finding like this one for walnut cookie bars and these smoothies.

 Directions for how to make an awesome bow and arrow for your kids.

Now this is an awesome business and something I wish I could start.

Hope you all have a great long Memorial Day weekend!

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