May 22, 2013

A Big Bow Dress

Well, Tuesday Transformation didn't take place because Lily's crud came back full force and she had a fever of 103. While getting her checked out at the local doctor's office, the doctor heard my barking cough and asked to take a look at me too. Something in our lungs. Translations are not always the best, so they just keep it simple, I nod, and take the prescriptions to the pharmacy. Both of us are now on antibiotics and are on the mend.

I did manage to sew again last night though and made a cute dress for Lily. Can't wait to try it on her, but the temps are diving back down to freezing this weekend. Seriously! Not looking forward to it. So, don't know when I'll have the chance to see her model it. 

I used an awesome tutorial from The Cottage Home for the Happy Day Big Bow Dress. It looked easy enough, but alas, I messed up again. That big blue patch on the front is supposed to be a pocket. It is TOO big for this size dress (I should have made it smaller for sure), and I put it up too high. Sigh... I didn't embroider on it, but think I will make this again with simpler fabrics when they come in the mail and get the dress right. I am proud though because I learned how to make button holes with my Ikea sewing machine. Wasted about an hour trying to get the threading right, but at least I know how to do it now! And I learned how to make my own ribbon. Tackling something new each time I sew and it really is so fun!

PS. Here is a cute video of the kiddos at the park.

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