May 15, 2013

A Sun Hat for Lily

We're getting ready to take a trip to Spain in a few weeks, so I decided to make Lily a sun hat and started searching for some tutorials. I found two more awesome/harder ones I want to do, but I started with this simple one from the blog Grossgrain Fabulous. It is actually a Prudent Baby Tutorial, and they have a lot of wonderful, easy to follow tutorials for beginners.

This is only my third attempt at sewing. I started with pillow cases, then a dress for Lily, now a hat. It is getting easier each time and I am following the instructions a bit easier at last. If you have ever thought about starting, do it! It really is so fun and not that hard once you sit down and make yourself try it out a few times. I bought the IKEA sewing machine, a real basic machine, but it works great for me. It was only 60 euros.

This hat was pretty easy. Only took 1.5 hours and that was with a mess up (had to pull out some stitches). I increased the size of the petals by about a half inch since Lily has a big head and is going on 15 months, and it fits pretty perfectly. Not too loose, so she can't pull it off too easily, and it doesn't fall off when she bends over. 
My only problem is finding fabrics right now. We have a store on base, but they only carry cotton. They had two canvas cottons (the green and yellow you see below) total. I thought  heavy weighted fabric would work better for a hat, and I'm glad I used it.  Whats nice is that the canvas is double sided, so technically the hat is reversible. I want to try some knits for some future projects. I finally bit the bullet and ordered some ribbon and fabric online. Can't wait for it to arrive! I have plans for so many free tutorials I found this week online!

Yes, she is trying to eat the lilacs. She eats EVERYTHING!
On our way to get ice cream.Hmmm, maybe a button on top would look cute...

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  1. I made this hat with cotton fabric and lined the brim with interfacing. Very cute.


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