September 4, 2012

I have a Sewing Machine!

Just finished a lovely three day weekend at home. We thought about heading to Berlin or Vienna, but then decided taking it easy would be best for us all. We kept busy for sure though and enjoyed it. Saturday, mom and I visited IKEA in Furth and stocked up on crafting supplies! I could have bought so much more, but went with a limit of cash in my wallet. In Germany, you can only pay cash or with a German debit card (which I don't have), so it makes it easy to stay conservative... The night before, I had my mom drooling over some pillows to make, but I whined again how I can't sew and don't have a machine. She said "I wonder if Ikea will have a sewing machine". I laughed. No way. They don't sell many electronics. Sure enough, the first thing we find in one of the exhibit rooms was a sewing machine for 69 euros! Sold. I couldn't believe it! YES! I am going to learn to sew! Mom made two pillowcases this weekend, and I watched. I will take my attempt at the machine this week. The machine is small and so cute and pretty simple. But, we still managed to waste an hour figuring out how to thread the machine and fix the bobbin holder (I don't know the proper terms yet obviously) when it got stuck on the felt we were using. Oh, and the darn directions for the machine are in German, French, and Dutch! No English. At least there are descriptive pictures to assist.

After getting the kids to bed, this is what mom and I worked on :) We followed the wonderful tutorial from Classy Clutter and it worked out perfectly!

Can't wait to make a few more for gifts! It makes such an improvement in my living room. We made quite a few more things this weekend that I will post about this week once I take some decent pictures. I think the total cost was $9 for the felt and down pillow insert I bought at Ikea.

More to come soon!

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