May 20, 2013

15 months

Can she really be 15 months already! The months are going by much faster with Lily than I remember them passing with Cooper.  As much as I am trying to SLOW down, the world isn't slowing down and I'm finding my precious time with my kids as babies much too short! 
Can I have a bite?
Love how he opens his mouth too when feeding her.
On Mothers Day, I found this picture of me with my mom. Gosh, I feel like I am looking at myself holding Lily. This must have been about 31 years ago... Not sure why, but I just can't stop thinking about time and how quickly we are aging and how fast it all goes. Just a few years ago, a lifetime seemed so long. Now it seems so short. I tend to think it is watching my kids grow up so fast and change overnight that is making me realize the fleetingness of it all. However, those of you without kids, did life speed up for you too in your thirties?

I took Lily on her first bike ride Friday. As I was pumping up the tires, she sat in there and clapped and was already so happy with the trailer without it even moving. So cute. Cooper was an ol pro at riding in the trailer and I could hear him talking to her in the back as I rode up to the park telling her to "hang on, here comes a bump", and holding her hand. Too bad I didn't capture that in photos.

Saturday and Sunday we went climbing outside. Unfortunately, I was a bit of a grumpster all weekend because I got sick with the kids crud. Aches, fever, cough... I tried to enjoy the sunshine and just being outside with the kids however, climbing with the kids still has its challenges. Cooper does great. He likes to climb when we go, but he mostly entertains himself looking for bugs and sticks the whole time. Lily is in that hard stage where she loves to explore, but is so unbalanced walking over sticks and rocks, that she tumbles every other step it seems. She got the worst bump ever on her head this weekend and cheek. But she loves it. She loves to play outside and smiles and giggles all day long. Seriously, she is the happiest little baby. Even with only a 30 min car nap. I don't know how she does it. This girl loves her daddy. She gives him unexpected kisses all the time. Seriously adorable.

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