April 25, 2013

Living in Germany - The Parks

When you were little, what was your favorite thing to play on at the park? Anyone remember merry go rounds? My all time favorite for sure. Now they make me sick after one spin. I noticed that none of the parks in Kentucky had them anymore when we were living there a year ago. My guess is they are considered too dangerous? And teeter totters sure don't seem the same as they did when they were little. Now they just bounce on springs. Hardly moving up and down. Boring.

Well, over here? Different story. The parks are all so unique. Not plastic replicas of each other. They have so many fun things you'd never see in the states. And yes, their parks are a bit more dangerous for sure. Merry go rounds galore (even ones you hang from), long teeter totters, huge slides, dangerous bridges and ropes and poles to slide down, spinning pole contraptions, and so much more. We love them. But yes, we do have to watch the kids pretty carefully while they are so little on some of the park equipment.

Here are pictures from the park right by Cooper's school. It was one of those days where the shade comes and it feels about 20 degrees colder than when the sun is shining.

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