April 26, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Yes, it is Friday again! It has been a beautiful week, but unfortunately, rain is coming tomorrow. Maybe it will give me a chance to put away the 4 heaping piles of laundry sitting in my room though. With soccer practice twice a week and Frank and I taking turns getting out climbing, we've been busy. A good busy though.

I noticed on Wednesday that Cooper wasn't really playing soccer with the other kids. He wanted me to do everything with him on the field and kept walking away to play in the woods. It was only his second time, and he doesn't know the other kids, so I understood being a little shy. However, I tried to praise him and be very patient and really encourage him to get out there and play.  It didn't work. He wouldn't do any of the drills the Coach was asking him. He was playing in the woods with sticks. Thirty minutes of this. I tried to be very stern. Fail. Then, desperate, I bribed. I told him I would sleep with him all night long. He wasn't sold. "How about a treat mama". A nod did the trick. He ran out there so excited and started doing all the drills. He then started joking around even with the other kids and laughing and loving it. They chased each other around playing sharks and minnows. His Coach was happy he finally participated. I told him I unfortunately resorted to a bribe. He replied "Heck! I tell my son every time he can play on my iPad only if he participates!" Another mom told me "I told my son he could have ice cream afterwards....".  That gave me a good chuckle. If only my words were more powerful at convincing. Four is a tricky age for sure.


Now, a few links for you to check out and enjoy!

- This post on Design mom regarding this article is really fascinating. The single most important factor in determining your child's emotional health and happiness is understanding where your family came from. Knowing your family. The stories. Researchers used these 20 questions to determine how well kids know their family. 
- Check out this Photo Essay  titled "Where Children Sleep". It is simply mind blowing to me how some of us have so much and others so little. This would be good to show Cooper and Lily one day. Not yet I don't think. But someday.

- Now, a few gardening links for you to check out! Cooper and I have planted so much lately, and now we're trying a few of these experiments on Modern Parents Messy Kids. You can grow your own pineapple plant and avocado tree from kitchen scraps!!!! So cool. Can't wait to try these pumpkin plants in the fall.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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